Information when situations of controversial content arise

Where do the tunes come from on the site? 
Sources of music on the site are: authors, performers and users who download the tracks themselves through the download form based on the User Agreement. All ringtones on the resource are downloaded in low quality: 192kbps and lower, in mp3 format. And trimmed to 40 seconds.

How music is used? 
The administration of the resource does not sell or otherwise use audio materials uploaded to the site, but only provides disk space and other technical capabilities of the site for storage and the ability to transfer downloaded audio materials over the Internet exclusively at the initiative of the user. There are no technical solutions in the site management system that automatically censor and control user actions on using the site.

Copyright Holders 
If you are the copyright holder of musical works and consider that your rights on the site are violated, submit a complaint to the mail E-mail: In the letter, provide a list of songs, links to them, as well as copies of supporting documents. The term for consideration of complaints is 24 hours. You will definitely receive a response letter from us about the measures taken.

What measures are being taken regarding the disputed material? 
All disputed material, if there are copies of supporting documents, is blocked by us within 24 hours. For our part, we are ready to consider the option of cooperation with copyright holders, in which artists' songs remain on our portal, and we place additional buttons leading to paid download of tracks in iTunes, Google Play... The artist receives free advertising and public relations on our website.

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