Ringtone Kenndog - drip like me free download

  • Artist, Group, Band: Kenndog
  • Song: drip like me
  • Genre: Pop
  • Year: 2020
  • Bitrate: 139 kbps
  • Duration: 0:19
  • File size: 315.47 Kb
Free Ringtone — Kenndog - drip like me from category «Pop» for your mobile. Download the ringtone on the website ZEDGE.click, click on the button «Download».
I'm sorry for drippin',
But drip is what I do (splish splash)
And one of these days, I'm gon' get dressed.
And drip all over you (huh)
I'm that fly young nigga
Lil baby can't you see
Your style is old, my fashion cold
Tell me who drip like me (Uh!).
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