Ringtone Stunna 4 Vegas, Offset — Up The Smoke free download

Free Ringtone — Stunna 4 Vegas, Offset — Up The Smoke from category «Rap & Hip Hop & RNB» for your mobile. Download the ringtone on the website ZEDGE.click, click on the button «Download».
Up-up the smoke, diamonds, they choke (Ice, ice, ice)
Fuck my bro (Smash, smash)
I'm in the white Lamborghini, the Pope (White)
Hundred racks, they gon' take your soul (Hundred racks).
Glock with the three and the O (Glock)
Bought a yacht, put the kids on the boat (Yacht).
Put a brick in the fig of the four (Hey, hey)
Got a stick, it's a SIG, it'll blow (Brrt, brrt)
Mix up a four (Woo, woo), my bitch, Margiela on her toes (Margiela, Margiela, Margiela).
Dig up her soul (Woah), look what I did in the bowl (Bowl)
Wipe that boy nose (Wipe), I go get me a bag out the glow (Bag)
I do not troll (Troll, troll), I got pointers, these diamonds are bold.
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