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I done scraped the Bentley twice (Skrrt-skrrt, skrrt-skrrt),
Told that bitch, "Talk to me nice" (Talk to me nice, lil' bitch).
I done have to pay the price (I done pay the price)
You tryna get rich, right? (Rich)
Fill my cup with the dirty sprite (The dirty).
And she's suckin' my dick like a mite (A mite)
In my Louis, I'm ballin' like Mike (I'm ballin')
Don't fuck with no rat, don't fuck with no mice (No mice).
Why the molly look like rice? (Molly)
I want the whole thing, yeah, the whole thing (Whole thing).
Fuckin' slicе (Fuckin' slice)
I won't do you wrong, fuck me right (Fuck me right).
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